3 Tools That We Use For Our Dental Website Analytics

The whole point of having a website is to showcase your presence, services and treatments to existing patients and potential new patients.

As dentists we always like to see how well our websites are doing and we are constantly asking the question of what is the purpose of our websites and is the website doing the job. A website will always leave data. This data is so important it allows you to make informed decisions for your dental practice and how you would grow and scale your online dental web presence for the search engines.

To access data related to your dental website we at Growth Dental recommend you install the following software for your dental website analytics. If you are not sure what to do ask your web designer or web design agency that built your dental website.

1. Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a free analytics tool that is offered by Google.

The benefits of Google Analytics are:

  • It shows you how many people viewed your dental website.
  • Which country and city are your patients, visitors and potential new patients from?
  • Which websites are sending traffic to your dental website?
  • Which pages on your website are the most popular? this is essential if you are trying to get patients to enquire or buy certain dental treatments and services.
  • How many visitors that arrive on my website end up as paying patients?
  • What blog content do my patients and visitors view, interact and engage with the most?
  • 2. Google Search Console (Previously known as Google Webmaster)

    Google search console is a free service offered by Google that helps you monitor and maintain your dental websites presence and rankings in google search results.

    The benefits of Google Search Console are:

  • Which search queries caused your site to appear in google search results?
  • Did certain search queries result in more traffic to your dental website than other queries?
  • Which sites are linking to your dental website?
  • How well is your dental website performing on desktop and mobile? Are you getting more traffic on mobile or desktop?
  • The above two tools are free to use for your dental website analytics, another tool that we use is hotjar.

    3. Hotjar

    Hotjar is like your third eye. It is a tool that allows you to understand how your patients and potential patients engage with your dental website so you can boost your visitors into paying patients.

    The features and benefits of hotjar are:

  • Heat Maps – With heat maps you can see every click that visitors make on your dental website. The brighter the spot, the more clicks that area of your website has received. This shows you how to improve usability for patients that are viewing your website. Once you have seen your heat map for the website you will know what changes to make for your visitors. This is how you will convert visitors into paying patients.
  • Scroll Map – The scroll map feature shows you how far down the page people are scrolling and helps you determine where your visitors abandon the page. Now you will know exactly where to add elements on your dental website to hold a visitors interest longer.
  • Visitor Recordings – Eliminate guesswork with recordings of real user behaviour on your site. By seeing what your visitors clicks, taps and mouse movements you can identify usability issues.
  • dental web analytics

    A typical image of a heat map of your dental website. Image courtesy of ‘hotjar’.

    If you need any further information on dental website analytics and how you can get more patients viewing your dental website please do contact us at Growth Dental.

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