A Breakdown Of All Your Basic Dental Website Costs

Upon purchasing our dental practice, we noticed that the existing website which was created for the previous owners was outdated and needed a fresh look.

The previous owners had used a web designing agency. We contacted the previous agency for login details and what company was hosting the website. After the first call to the agency we were placed in a ticketing system. Two days later we were provided details.

These are the factors to take into consideration for all your dental website costs:

Domain Name

We wanted to replace the existing domain to a domain name that represented our dental brand. We looked at numerous things when purchasing from a reputable company. The areas we looked at were the duration of contract for the domain, the cost of renewing the domain and how simple the process was.

Hosting Services

The other area we looked at was hosting of the website. Hosting is the storage of your data, files and website on a server so that it can be accessed over the internet for the world to see. The questions to ask yourself is what is your purpose of hosting? Will you be creating a website from scratch or will you be moving your existing website to a different hosting provider. Another area to look at is the usability of the hosting service this can be daunting if you don’t have much technical knowledge to make changes on your website.

Other things to consider when looking at hosting companies:

Additional Services

Does the hosting company provide additional services such as personalised emails for your dental practice or online payment gateways if you were to take payments online for dental services and treatments.

Customer Services

There could be a time where you start to have problems or issues with your website. You want to make sure that you have a dedicated customer support team. What country are the hosting company based in and also look for methods of contacts such as do they have live chat feature on their website.


Last but not least what reputation does the company have. Always read up reviews online about the hosting company.

Creating a Dental Website

We knew the type of dental website we wanted for our dental practice through speaking to our dental patients. The old website needed updating, we weighed the pros and cons in terms of making changes on the old website or create a brand new website.
We decided to make the website ourselves from scratch the reason for this was the amount of time it would have taken explaining to the web design agency of our changes, the length of time it will take to have these changes put on the old website and the cost of putting these changes on the website. The price was similar to building a new website.

Online Marketing

Another reason why we built the website was for online marketing purposes. Lot of dental websites we see have been beautifully crafted but rarely rank on the first page of google for the dental services. The reason behind this was the website content was not optimised for search engine rankings from the ground up. Always build your website with search engine optimisation in mind. It will save you money in the long run.

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